3 Hal Menarik dari Sadiq Khan, Sang Walikota Baru London

euforia selalu memayungi banyak muslim indonesia ketika mendapati “kemenangan islam/muslim” di luar negeri…. sehingga banyak yang tidak berupaya melihat/melakukan penelusuran lebih jauh tentang suatu persoalan atau sosok seorang tokoh… dan apa yang membuat sadiq khan menang sebagai walikota london seharusnya menjadi renungan juga bagi kita di indonesia bagaimana mengolah kemajemukkan konstituen terutama dalam isu-isu agama dan dalam pembelaan terhadap kaum minoritas… paling tidak ada 3 hal menarik dari sosok sadiq khan:

1. sadiq khan adalah sosok yang sangat pluralis.. dalam sebuah wawancara beliau bilang seperti ini:
There’s a famous speech I give all the time about President Kennedy. He was the first President of Catholic faith. And Kennedy goes to a Catholic church before 1960 and says: “There are various reasons to vote for me, but if any of these are because I’m a Catholic, then I don’t want your vote. You vote for me because of my values, what I believe in, what I stand for, what I’ve done”. I think JFK got it just right. If you say to people, “vote for me because I’m a Muslim”, where does it end? It leads to a ghetto-isation of politics which is disastrous.
“I would condemn anybody who says: “Don’t vote for A because he’s an Ahmadi, don’t vote for B because he’s Hindu, don’t vote for C because he’s a Muslim, or don’t vote for D because he’s agnostic, or don’t vote for E because she’s a woman”. There’s no place in politics for that. That I think is really important is to say. What I do know, is when I went to the Tooting Islamic Centre and I was asked 10 questions about, you know, “What about halal food at St George’s”,
2. sadiq khan adalah sosok yang tegas melakukan pembelaan terhadap serangan kelompok fundamentalis muslim kepada kelompok ahmadi di london
Do you accept that anti-Ahmadi sentiments preached at the Tooting Islamic Centre by certain speakers to the wider community may have had an impact in the run up to the election?
“No. I think, as far as the general election is concerned, you can’t explain the 5,500 additional votes I received since 2005 simply by what you’re saying. You can’t explain the fact that, notwithstanding the hundreds of thousands of pounds spent by the Conservatives over the last few years, they were walloped. You can’t explain the fact that I had literally hundreds of people helping me in my campaign because of what you’re saying. You can’t explain that my majority is 2,500 when all the pundits were expecting the Conservatives to form a Government based on Tooting. I think what the reason it was done to, was because of a fantastic campaign locally because of the entire community, with faith or without faith, came together. Because I think the community recognise the hard work I’ve put in over the last five years as a Member of Parliament, and the 12 years before that as a local councillor. I think it’s also because I was the only candidate who actually genuinely lives locally and is from the area. I think it’s also because, in my literature, I didn’t make any silly typographical errors. I knew how to spell ‘Iraq’ unlike the Lib Dem candidate. It’s also because I was being photographed locally, unlike being photographed in Sutton like the Liberal Democrats. Because, unlike the Conservative candidate, I had a good, clean, positive campaign, rather than a negative one. I think there are a variety of reasons why I did well in Tooting, not for the reasons you’ve said.”
3. sosok sadiq khan adalah salah seorang yang mendukung same sex marriage.. dan karena sikapnya itu ada ulama di inggris yang menfatwakan beliau sudah keluar dari islam…
Some Islamic groups said that by voting for same-sex marriage, Mr Khan was “selling out” his religion. Mufti Muhammed Aslam Naqshbandi Bandhalev, head imam of the Jamia Islamia Rizvia mosque in Bradford, issued a fatwa against Mr Khan declaring that he is an “apostate” from Islam who must “repent before Allah”.

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