CRCS Undercover

“Don’t judge someone or something from the cover”. This statement is really true when we expand widen our eyes to see diversity in the world.  Life isn’t just white and black, but we often find white behind black and black over white. Rating someone from her/his clothes, education background, culture, or religion will make us trapped in fallacy of thinking.

It’s my point to answer claim truth that was delivered by some visitors on my article “Pertanyaan Terbuka untuk Teman-Teman Salafi” and some of people who rush to conclusions. They brought narrow view with based their argument by Al Qur’an and Sunnah. Busy with beard and pants have made them forget the others important in Islam. Which is more important, beard or obedient to parents? Which is more better to precedence; care clothing or sympathize the poor? So, we can’t asses someone just from beard and clothes.

On others hand, I want to show about my experience during work in CRCS UGM. Some of my friends told me, “CRCS is the institution which teach heresy. You must be careful.” I welcome with their suggestion, but I need job and still doubtful with oblique noises about CRCS.

One of “big enemy” which is always attacking CRCS is INSISTS (Institute for the Study of Islamic Thought and Civilizations). Taking of defense ways for Islam, INSIST often dissent with CRCS, specially on pluralism, truth of religion and heretical religious groups. INSISTS was found by some graduates of International Institute of Islamic Thought and Civilization (ISTAC) which is a research and postgraduate institution of the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) offering master and doctoral degrees in Islamic and other civilizations; philosophy, ethics and contemporary issues; Islamic spiritual culture and contemporary society; Muslim world issues; and their respective sub-areas.

Surprising fact, the current CRCS Director is also alumnus of ISTAC. Nevertheless, why He have different thinking when respond some issues in religion? I can’t answer this question now, because I must do comparison between INSISTS articles and CRCS articles.

The second fact which make me amazed is piety of CRCS officers. Some people maybe can judge CRCS as heresy institution, but they can’t accuse the men who are working in CRCS are stray. Different from what many people think, you will feel religious atmosphere when talking or interacting with them.

I don’t have interest with this article to explain what is right or what is wrong? I just try to open our mind that evidence which are uncertain because put allegations before trace actual situation.

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