“We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly….” (Sam Keen, from To Love and Be Loved)

I don’t worry with destiny which God inflicted me. But, I will go by spirit and hope. Indeed, broken-hearted had made me extremely devastated. Nevertheless, I will not be die.

I have many friends who make me returned strong.  Some girl who harrowed me almost managed to make me desperate, but  they can’t. I’m so strong for their defeat. I win, free from their entrapment.

Although right now I’m still single, I don’t worry. This situation didn’t make me ashamed. Even, make me feel free. No phone which disturb me at the night. There is no expenditure to date. Away from the temptation of adultery. Ya, I think that single is better than dating.

Now, I’m sitting in Advance Class. One more month, I’ll finish My English course which I have  followed since the last March. In the last level, I must learn more diligent. Hoping to get high score toefl. If I have it,  will be easy for me to get a good job.

I wish  can get a job before coming Ramadhan.  So, can return home with pride as a graduate Gadjah Mada University, not as an unemployment. The future will be achieved if I meant to reach it. Keep spirit, don’t be lazy. God will help His servants who earnestly.