Gray shades Jogja’s sky in the Morning. I don’t know what should I do. I was entwined with the demise.

Suddenly, My SMA’s Friends call me on FB. He asked me about my study, job, and certainly about Greaty. “How about u’r relationship with Greaty?” I just said, “I can’t contact her. Because, She rarely show at FB and she never answer my sms. I’am only waiting her wedding party. After that, i will look for new beutiful woman.”

“STUPID. She does not suit you. Forget her.” His words make me realized to open my eyes. There are many woman ¬†besides Greaty. Why am I waiting someone who never love me? Why do I spend my time for unclear figures? Maybe, I feel that my love to her is true love. But, is it true?

I don’t want kill my future for her. I won’t expect anymore. I must forget her. Walking with optimism to pursue dreams. Sorry Greaty. I do not want to deny my promise. However, I can not remain in an empty dream to you.