Be The Winner

That waiting for six years was ending with sweet on yesterday afternoon. Finally My Dormitory football team could wins the Football Tournament of Mersi Cup 4. Mersi Cup 1 in 2004, My team failed with painful in Quarter Final with score 0-1. Mersi Cup 2 in 2006, also ends with painful, losing in penalties. Mersi Cup 3 in 2008, back to swallow the bitter pill, is removed by Tanah Datar Team, in final round. By the grace of God, This Mersi Cup 4 in 2010, we are be winner, after beat ISI, 2-0.

I have been core player of Merapi Singgalang FC from Mersi Cup 1. My football’s carrier is begun since Senior High School as member of SMAN 1 Solok City FC. Solok City Tournament is one moment special that I still remembered. Winning in the first round, my team’s step failed by POP Solok’s Team, who reinforced by young-policeman.

Study at UGM, give me chance to chaneling my football talent. Training with Sinar Oetara FC, the main division club PSIM Yogyakarta, help me to improve my skill. At SMA, my football’s skill only is processed through class match on Saturday afternoo, after school.

Perhaps this is the offering at the end of my presence in Jogjakarta. After finish Englis Course, aku don’t know where fate will take me. Does still stay in jogja or moved to another city?

I dedicate this victory to you, Greaty. Although, I can’t shout your name. But deep in my heart, your face is always present in my happiness here.


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